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Book by Bill Evans:
Reminiscences of a Dancing Man: A Photographic Journey of a Life in Dance

Published by the National Dance Association/AAPHERD Publications, fall, 2005

ISBN 0-88314-767-X

“I have known Bill since our student days together at the University of Utah, and now if this vibrant photographic record of his life as a performer, I meet him again. Bill’s memoir show us what it means to follow talent instinctively, and how to dance toward spirit, not sacrificing spontaneity to form. As Bill says, ‘technique is not working if it shows,’ and we might say the same for his book, flowing as seamlessly as his dances, and with as much dynamic excitement. In Reminiscences of a Dancing Man, we meet many of the major players in the world of ballet and modern dance; we meet them personally, ‘performatively’ and with love through Bill’s journey. Not resting on celebrity, however, Bill has crossed the boundaries of professional dance and education. For students who continue to learn what Bill has to teach, he continues to teach what he needs to learn—joyfully dissolving boundaries.”—Sondra Fraleigh, author of the Lived Body and Dancing Identity

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1. “Bill Evans Teaches Bartenieff Fundamentals
as Preparation for Dance Technique”—1999

2. “Bill Evans Teaches Modern Dance Technique to Lisa Nevada and Kyla Wallace”—2002

Book Chapter, Articles and Masters Thesis by Bill Evans:

“Teaching Movement Analysis,” Teaching Dance Studies, edited by Judith Chazin-Bennahum, Routledge Press, 1005, ISBN 0-415-97036-9

“Breath, Focus, Expression,” Dance Magazine College Guide, 2005/2006

“Fully Alive,” Dance Magazine, October, 2003

“We Must Provide Safe and Non-Judgmental Support for Our Lesbian, Gay and Transgender Students,” Journal of Dance Education, Winter, 2004

“How I Survived My Dance Training, “Medical Problems of Performing Artists, Winter, 2003/2004

“New Mexico Dance Pride, ABQ Arts, December, 2003

“The Multi-Colored Sky: A Call for Recognition and Validation of Differences through Movement,” (originally a keynote address delivered to the National Dance Education Organization), Journal of Dance Education, Volume 3, Number 2, 2003

“A Strange Hero’s Influence,” Dance Magazine, April 2002

“Teaching What I Want to Learn” (revised), Contact Quarterly, Summer/Fall, 1999

“Teaching What I Want to Learn” (National Dance Association Scholar/Artist Lecture)
AAHPERD Publications, March, 1997

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When Summoned: An Account of the Dance Work Created for and produced by the Deutsche Oper Ballett, West Berlin, Germany, Master of Fine Arts Thesis, University of Utah, James William Evans, May, 1970

Articles and Masters Thesis about Bill Evans:

“"Bill Evans: Teacher's Wisdom"
Gigi Berardi
Dance Magazine, pages 220 - 221
January, 2007

"Bill Evans: Nurturing the Whole Teacher"
Nancy Wozny
Goldrush Magazine, pages 38 - 44
May/June, 2007

"Bill Evans: Fusing Modern and Tap"
Donna Peckett
On Tap Magazine, pages 32 - 37
Summer, 2007

"Bill Evans: “Changing the Body and the Geography of Modern Dance”
Gigi Berardi
Dance Magazine, pages 38 - 43
October, 2003

“Dance Teacher Recognizes Bill Evans Teachers’ Intensives”
Jacky Gerzema
Dance Teacher
October, 2003

“In Attitude--Dance Master Bill Evans on Listening to Your Body”
Susie Eisner Eley
Dance Spirit, pages 46 - 49
April, 2000

“Of Mentoring and Metamorphosis”
Susie Eisner Eley
Dance Teacher
January, 2000

“Evans, Bill--American dancer, choreographer, educator and company
International Dictionary of Modern Dance, pages 245 - 250

“Training that Cultivates Personal Style”
Liz Winslow Fruits
Dance Teacher Now

“Bill Evans: An Overview of Selected Artistic Works in Choreography and Performance from 1967 through 1990,” Master of Arts Thesis, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah
Rachel Nelson Congdon

“Bill Evans: A Modern Day Dance Frontiersman”
Amanda Smith
Dance Magazine
February, 1977

Book/Video about Bill Evans:

The Legacy: Bill Evans Reaching Out from the Regional Southwest

Bill Evans with Jennifer Allen Noyer

A videotape with text published in August 2000 by Harwood Academic Publishers.

ISBN 90-5755-115-2 (NTSC), ISBN 90-5755-118-7 (PAL)

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